Please Help Save the 22 — Donate $22 Today!

Your Donation Helps Us Build a “House of Healing” for our military children & families of the fallen, wounded and deployed.


Route for the Brave – Walk Across America

Beginning April 28, 2016, Helping Hands for Freedom started a journey across the United States, walking 3,091 miles to raise funds for the construction of a “House of Healing” retreat house for military families.  Our journey began in Atlantic City, New Jersey and we walked across U.S. 40 all the way to San Francisco, California.  David Roth, Chairman of the Board for HHFF and member of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and Kevin Winton, Beach Grove Middle School math teacher, led this journey to honor and serve our brave heroes and families in need.

Every day, an average of 22 veterans take their own lives on U.S. soil because they suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Please Help Save the 22 — Donate $22 Today!

Helping Hands for Freedom sees firsthand the tremendous emotional impact that losing a loved one to war has on a family.  Our goal is to provide a “House of Healing” for our Gold Star families to have a place to heal while they await their benefits.  This retreat home will feature six living quarters, where families can have some solitude as they begin rebuilding their shattered lives.

The property will include a PTSD center, which will provide support for our veterans with PTSD when the home is not being used by Gold Star families. We will team up with specialists to provide a wider assortment of treatment options, including horse and dog therapy, which has helped shorten the 5-year average for soldiers to fully come home.



Mr. Roth says, “I am willing to walk or die on this one, and it demonstrates what is great about America. Each day, we get a phone call from a person wanting to volunteer, donate or do an event for us.  HHFF wants to build the house that gives military families an opportunity to connect. When we get that first family and give them a place of retreat—that will be amazing. That’s everything right there.”

Please Help Save the 22 — Donate $22 Today!

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